The magic mirror gives insight into the meditative artwork, and following Hermes’ 

course, we can put together our thoughts just so it efficiently presentations religious strength into the alchemical method. In some processes the reflect is extra much like a lens that allows slight via even as easy. Because if the lens is covered or smeared with worldly vanities and dreams, then little, if any, of the spiritual mild receives through. What does is distorted into significant and scary phantasms. Empty the mind of private garbage and repose in the silent chamber. Emptiness like silence is beneficial and may be completed even as lifestyles’s accidentals are dissolved and discarded.

In the magic theater of the thoughts, we constantly reenact the brilliant cosmic dramas of our tradition. This reenactment is the inspiration and deliver for the innovative imagination. Our desires display us that the ones internal dramas are our very own productions, even when they get up in the course of our waking kingdom. Each people is the director, manufacturer, playwright, and all of the actors for each overall performance. Drawing at the cultural archetypes and symbols of now not exceptional our lifestyle but others, we are able to benefit thought and enlarge our creativity.

Chakras are facilities of psychic power and attention, in which bodily talents and psychic recognition interact. In those centers psychic energies can be crystallized, and bodily sports activities and characteristics may be dissolved or converted. By awakening the chakras, we will rework the body. This idea of transformation has given upward push to a number one precept of magic: questioning is making. Repetition is the machine.

During the astral electricity’s ascension up the spinal column, the astral vessel is spiritualized and separated from the coarse bodily frame. When the electricity reaches the skull, it blossoms, becoming the lotus; and the eagle takes away its prize. Spirit rises and coarse be counted falls. Visit :- เล่นสล็อต ทำเงินได้ง่าย

The parent spirit is a transfer-hitter, who can bypass each manner-male or girl. If the soul is in a male body, and so thinks and feels masculine, the father or mother spirit is female, the goddess who marries the masculine soul. If, but, the soul resides in a lady frame, the determine spirit is masculine, the god who marries the female soul inside the sacred bridal chamber. Angels generally seem in artwork and literature as androgynous. Our religious transformation is assisted or hindered through those outdoor us: the pictures projected via the use of others, every ladies and men, on our psychic archetypes can distort and ward off or make clear and encourage our advancement.

A tree is an illuminating picture for the spinal column. Applying the picture to the frame, we have a look at that the roots are in the underworld at the base of the spine. The navel, middle of worldly awareness, is the earth or middle quarter, which is based totally on duality. The king and queen and the 2 bushes of existence and information exemplify the symbolic paradox: the obvious duality is surely a crew spirit. The pinnacle branches of the tree, reaching skyward, constitute the lotus blossom.

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