With three-D films presently taking the cinema container workplace by using

hurricane, isn’t it about time your home entertainment entered a brand new dimension, too?

The ASUS G51J 3D is the primary NVIDIA® three-D Vision pc to offer a full-decision 3D show, and movies, games and photographs all burst from its display with stunning clarity. It’s all thanks to revolutionary new three-D technology that provides a totally immersive enjoy with eye-popping detail, giving a whole new that means to the time period ‘3-D gaming’… Visit :- เที่ยวคาซาน

The phantasm of intensity

3D – or ‘stereoscopic’ – snap shots had been around since the earliest days of pictures, and the concepts at the back of modern-day three-D displays are similar to the ones used 150 years in the past.

All stereoscopic presentations create an phantasm of intensity in a -dimensional photograph by mimicking the way wherein our eyesight works – by using superimposing two pics of the same scene taken at slightly different angles. How a success the resulting 3-d image is relies upon on how those two pix are then separated – that is where the ASUS G51J 3D has the visual facet.

Crystal-clean three-D photos

Rather than degrade a superimposed photograph with the aid of the use of such primitive stereoscopic strategies as purple and cyan-coloured tints, or polarised screen filters, NVIDIA® three-D Vision displays each pair of snap shots alternately, in speedy succession. When regarded via glasses with LCD lenses that ‘blink’ in time with the display, the result is a crystal-clean, complete-resolution three-D image that can be viewed from any angle.

NVIDIA® 3-D Vision supports over 400 video games, so wherein higher to revel in the advantages of this groundbreaking technology than in a modern-day gaming pc? The ASUS G51J 3-D combines a quad-center Intel® Core™ i7 processor with great NVIDIA® GTX 260M photographs for implausible 3D gaming overall performance.

So, with the ASUS G51J 3D, you could sit down back, slip at the unique 3-D glasses and enjoy a lovely new visual sensation a good way to deliver your gaming to lifestyles.

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